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Company Overview

We offer a 10% discount if you book early. We offer the following services:
Full House Removals
Full House Clearances
Flat Removals
Shop Clearances

We are a family run business and aim to offer a cheap yet reliable removals service. For a quote on your move get in touch.

Contact Number: 07784834481 or 07778137949

Independent Reviews & Testimonials
From: Michelle on the 1st August 2013

"I have moved into a flat today with ease. I was worrying that I would have to do most of the work moving my items to my new place but I didn't even have to lift a finger! Lovely people very friendly and welcoming, felt like I have known them for years, they were extremely quick and all of my items were put in the van in no more than 10 minutes and I am not joking! I had a lot of big items too! I can't stress enough on how happy I am with this service and I would highly recommend them! THANK YOU B&G removals! :D x"

From: on the 10th June 2013


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